Day #39 : Riding Back to the Fast Lane

Day #39 : Riding Back to the Fast Lane

There was a time I wouldn’t have thought that I could ever make a train journey alone. Now I don’t give two thoughts about it.
My moment of happiness? Walking into my coach to find that I had the seat with the table(it’s a chair car). First time in 3 years! Maybe a sign of the changes about to happen in my life. Maybe a good omen. Or maybe simply a moment of joy.

19/03/’14 – Early morning train back Delhi. Newton knows it’s time for me to leave. I’ll miss him so much. Mummy is used to me leaving now – no tears shed. Papa drops me off. Surprisingly the journey does not seem long, but I do spend most of it sleeping. Back to Delhi, and hostel. It’s become so hot in a two weeks! In with the winter clothes and out with the summer ones. Clean room. Go to sleep. Friend’s birthday tomorrow!


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