Day #85: The Calm before the Storm


There’s always that week before exams when you have so much to do, but all you do is end up making timetables and doing nothing. One great thing though is, having a lot of free time on your hands, spending all day in bed with a book open on your lap, not feeling guilty about not doing any work, just feeling guilty about not getting any studying done.
Of course, there are also lots of showers in the middle of the day and not being sure whether to head for the nearest CCD, but that involves getting dressed, so why not put on the jammies and stay in bed all day.

Day #83 : A Breath of Nostalgia


Nothing takes me back to my childhood like Harry Potter. The only link left to those books now though, after the series ended are the fan pages – these diverse groups of people who have so little in common, but are so similar in their love for the series which molded their personalities and affected their lives so strongly.

Day #80 : The Last Supper

Day #80 : The Last Supper

30/04/’14 – So I head back to the PG for the farewell party. The last party. Three years I’ve lived here. So many gossips, so much love, so much happiness. I can’t find words to convey what it meant to know that I’ll be leaving this place I’ve been so happy and more importantly been content it. Spending these last moments of fun with my closest friends was the best thing that had happened to me all month.